Discussing Diagnosis & Recurrence with Loved Ones

For many women with ovarian cancer, it can be difficult to discuss the topics of diagnosis and recurrence with family and friends. See the impact a strong support system can make.

My Tribe

By Kimberly

After Kimberly was diagnosed with Stage IIc ovarian cancer at age 39, she learned to live moment by moment. Today, she is not just a survivor, she’s a strong voice for ovarian cancer awareness and an advocate for all women diagnosed with this disease. She is a program analyst and the president of the board of the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Association. Kim blogs from a suburb of Atlanta, GA where she lives with her husband, Erik.

Having a Family History of Cancer

By Seana

Although she now resides in the northeast, Seana is a proud Texan through and through. Her fighting spirit led her to make a preemptive strike against ovarian cancer. After undergoing surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes, she was surprised to discover it was already there. Today she’s a five-plus year cancer survivor, marathon runner, and passionate voice within the ovarian cancer community.