Living with Ovarian Cancer

Explore the stories of real ovarian cancer patients and caregivers.

Special Storytelling Event with The Moth

The Moth promotes the art and craft of storytelling to honor and celebrate the diversity and commonality of the human experience. TESARO is proud to be working with The Moth to host special storytelling events highlighting experiences of those who live with, treat and care for patients with advanced ovarian cancer. Physician, patient and advocacy storytellers are sharing their unique perspectives on ovarian cancer to create a narrative and encourage meaningful dialogue about the ovarian cancer experience. We hope that this will inspire others affected by ovarian cancer to share their stories.

Unmet Needs

For many women living with ovarian cancer, there is a lot of uncertainty about what to expect after diagnosis, which can cause fear and anxiety. But we are working as a community towards fulfilling the unmet needs of women with ovarian cancer, including earlier diagnosis, reducing recurrence rates and extending the time between recurrence. If you’re living with ovarian cancer or caring for someone that is, know that you are not alone.

Steps to Take After Diagnosis

By Jackie

Ovarian cancer barreled through Jackie’s life in a whirlwind of diagnosis, surgery, and chemo. Then, just as suddenly, it vanished. Jackie focused on her career and her family. For 17 years, they were her only concern, until ovarian cancer came back. Now she devotes her life to spreading awareness and doing what she does best: taking care of her family.

Get the Test You Deserve

By Lynne

After a lengthy process and several misdiagnoses, Lynne learned she had ovarian cancer in 2013. Today, she is a survivor and outspoken advocate. She believes that life provides opportunities — even when they don’t seem that way at first. After all, she would never have met her husband, Paul, if she hadn’t been stood up for a blind date more than 50 years ago! Formerly a nurse, Lynne is now retired, and mother to three grown children and one amazing granddaughter.

Complications with Chemo and How to Overcome Them

By Debbie and Monty

In 2013, after less than a year of marriage, Debbie was diagnosed with Stage 1C ovarian cancer. Both Debbie and her husband, Monty, struggled, but found their way through the support of the ovarian cancer community. That encouraged them to become advocates themselves. They’ve dedicated their lives to raising awareness for their Teal Women and Men.

Trust Your Instincts

By Nancy

When Nancy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 41, she had so many cysts on and around her ovaries that the CT scan did not show her ovaries at all. But surgery revealed the cancer was caught early at Stage 1a. Always a healthy eater and avid athlete, Nancy is diligent and assertive when she discusses her care with her doctors. She is married and has three grown children, two boys and a girl.

My Tribe

By Kimberly

After Kimberly was diagnosed with Stage IIc ovarian cancer at age 39, she learned to live moment by moment. Today, she is not just a survivor, she’s a strong voice for ovarian cancer awareness and an advocate for all women diagnosed with this disease. She is a program analyst and the president of the board of the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Association. Kim blogs from a suburb of Atlanta, GA where she lives with her husband, Erik.

Having a Family History of Cancer

By Seana

Although she now resides in the northeast, Seana is a proud Texan through and through. Her fighting spirit led her to make a preemptive strike against ovarian cancer. After undergoing surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes, she was surprised to discover it was already there. Today she’s a five-plus year cancer survivor, marathon runner, and passionate voice within the ovarian cancer community.